mind, body, and soul

Topics: Afterlife, Death, Immortality Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: February 13, 2014
You wake up every morning continuing to live your life. Your body ages, until it’s time for you to ultimately die. So what happens? Is there an after-life, or does your body just decompose, and rot away? As read in John Perry’s A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality an argument arises between two characters being Gretchen Weirob, and Sam Miller. Ultimately the argument consists of the battle between your identity and your soul, probability and possibility, and what happens after death. Your identity is supposed to be a definition of a certain person, but then again what’s the definition of your soul. In this dialogue the character Gretchen Weirob, a teacher of philosophy is on her death bed, seeks comfort from a longtime friend Sam Miller. The first argument arises when Sam walks in Gretchen’s room and bluntly says that “I guess there’s not much point in beating around the bush, Gretchen; the medics tell me you’re a goner. Is there anything I can do to help?” (1) Gretchen immediately snaps back questioning Sam’s sympathy being they’ve been friends for a decent amount of time. Sam quickly counters. He believes that after all the years of being friends he thought that “most people I deal with are believers like I am… But you and I have talked about religious and philosophical issues for years. I have never been able to find in you the least inclination to believe in god…”(2) Gretchen answers by saying she wasn’t necessarily seeking an answer in what would happen, though she knew it was inevitable, but she was seeking comfort in which she would be informed “something quite improbable can be comforting, in certain situations. She merely was seeking hope which provides comfort, but doesn’t always require probability.” (2)

As they spit rebuttal after rebuttal anew argument arose. It consisted of the difference between surviving, and an afterlife. Sam seemed to have a more spiritual approach to his argument rendering him an optimistic person. Gretchen on...
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