Movie Review (Alive)

Topics: Death, Life, English-language films Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: February 7, 2013
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This film is about people’s attempt to survive in an deathly and challenging situation. In this film, we can see how each people react about the situation that they were facing. This film begins with an Uruguayan rugby team who were flying from Uruguay to Chile but their plane ended up crashing in Andes Mountains and unable to be rescued for months. They fought for survival with lots of deaths, injuries, and limited supply of food. They were facing food crisis and questioning about humanity of eating their friends’ death body in order to survive. After months not being able to be rescued, they stared to make their own journey to get some help. This film means a lot to me, it shows lots of thing that I couldn’t even imagine. The most important lesson that I take from this film is about hope and strengh. Those people who were facing those scary incident showed their unity to coclude the problem which happened to them. Through this film, I’ve learned to be always keep my hopes even if harsh things happened to me. It was hard to even imagine how those people could be survived, but I think miracles does the rest of it. I think our prayer never being abandoned by God. Through this film, we are showed that every single thing that happen in our live has the function of transforming ourselves into a better one. If I were one of the them that have to go through those scary incidents, I wouldn’t be able to survive for a long time. I admit myself that I’m tottaly a coward when it comes to a life threatening things. When I saw that they have to go through harsh path in order to survive like facing extreme weather,avalanches, and consuming human’s flesh, I think I would rather died in the first time. But if I were them, I would pray to God and ask for forgiveness and let him direct me whatever path that I’ve been decided into.
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