Topics: Death, Reincarnation, Eyam Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: October 28, 2012
“From death and destruction inevitably comes rebirth.” Discuss in relation to Year of Wonders.

By reon ree

“Year of Wonders” by Geraldine Brooks contends that from death and destruction inevitably comes rebirth. Brooks proposes that from the most devastating events in life, humans can still emerge as stronger and more powerful individuals or the complete opposite where the charisma and confidence of the strong-minded slowly begins to wear down. The protagonist Anna Frith displays this through her determination and perseverance to continue to support the townspeople through the tragedies and brutal deaths endured by the plague, even though she has lost the people dearest to her. While Michael Mompellion’s faith deteriorates during the concluding stages of the novel through the continuation of the painful events that surround him. This suggests that the human spirit depicts the type of rebirth created after death and destruction.

Death and destruction can act as a construct for the regeneration of a newly formed individual with improved qualities that could potentially become beneficial to the society. The novel portrays the inner ability of individuals to rejuvenate even after the demoralizing plague that is summoned upon the townspeople of Eyam. This rebirth is strongly encouraged in Anna Frith through the witnessing of her loved ones becoming slowly exposed to the malicious consequences of the rising plague. Anna Frith experiences many disheartening tragedies especially through the loss of her neighbours, children and friends, and these pains and sorrows displayed a “woman who had faced more terrors than many warriors” Through the deaths of her loved ones, the novel displays the progression of Anna Frith transformed from an illiterate god-fearing handmaid, who displays flashes of courage and natural intelligence, to a midwife, scholar, doctor and mother of two who frees herself from the shackles of domineering males and religious dogma. During this...
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