New Jersey

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New Jersey

I. Government

During the Revolutionary War in 1776, the first constitution of the state of New Jersey was written to create a government framework for the state.  The constitution has been rewritten twice to address issues that arose with the original and subsequent versions.  In the mid-1800s, New Jersey citizens wanted a more democratic form of state government so the 1844 constitution was drafted, providing for the separation of powers among the legislative, judicial, and executive branches and including a bill of rights.  The new constitution also gave the people (instead of the legislature) the right to elect the governor. Today's constitution was adopted in 1947. The governor's powers were increased and the term of office extended from three to four years.  The state court system was also reorganized. The constitution can be amended through a resolution introduced in the legislature and approved by three-fifths of both houses or by majority vote in two consecutive years.  Voters must then approve the amendment in the following general election.

II. Arts&Culture

More than 700 arts organizations call New Jersey home, filling every region with music, dance, art, and cultural exhibits.  
Performing Arts-Dance
Nothing short of stunning, New Jersey's outstanding dance performances entertain audiences all over the state. The remarkable skill, stunning movement and remarkable talent of highly-trained performers and dance companies is not to be missed!

Performing Arts-Music
The celebration of music in the Garden State is always in season. Dazzling performers take to the stage night after night to soothe your soul and take away all the stresses of your day.

Performing Arts-Theater
New Jersey's regional and professional theaters set a high standard for the industry. From spiritually inspiring to the socially provocative, our theaters offer captivating performances from talent found around the globe.

III. Technology
Located in...
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