?Non Religious Reasons for Believing in Life After Death:

Topics: Afterlife, Near death experience, Death Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: March 18, 2011
?Non religious reasons for believing in life after death:

Near death experience (NDE):

One such near death experiences is shown in the book “light and death” written by Dr. Michael Sabom. The book was about a woman called Pam Reynolds. She went through a rare operation to remove an artery in her brain that threatened her life. For this operation she was put to death. After the operation, the doctor will restore her back to life. During the operation Pam experienced a NDE. This case is considered to be one of the strongest cases as the information she gave about the surgical instruments and the procedures used were accurate. During this operation the doctor tuned on a surgical saw and started cutting through Pam’s skull. Pam said that she felt herself pop outside her body and float above the operating table as she watched the doctors working on her lifeless body for a while. She also observed something that the doctor was using to cut her skull. She described it as an “electric toothbrush”. At some point Pam’s consciousness felt some kind of sensation of being pulled out from the operating room. Pam described this feeling as “going up in the elevator really fast” she travelled down a tunnel which had a very tiny pinpoint of light at the end of the tunnel. The light was really bright. She also saw familiar figures as she travelled through the tunnel. Those figured were covered in light. Those figures were her deceased friends and relatives who were waiting for her. they didn’t permit Pam to go any further because if she did went all the way into the light then something would happen to her physically and they won’t be able to put her back into her body because they won’t be able to reconnect. Pam’s NDE ended when her deceased uncle led her back to her body for her to re enter it. Pam compared her feeling of re entering in her body to “plunging into a pool of ice”. These kinds of experiences are one of the non-religious reasons for believing in life after...
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