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10/25/11 Critical Lens Essay

William Saroyan quoted in “Room for Hate-and Hope” said, “Good people…are good because they’ve come to wisdom through failure.” This quote explains John Proctor in The Crucible and Ralph from Lord of the Flies. As people go through experiences in their life they learn the wrong and right way from it and use that knowledge in other situations. In the “Crucible”, John Proctor was a well known man in Salem for his goodness. He did make a mistake and committed adultery with a young woman named Abigail who was his house servant. His wife Elizabeth Proctor was sick for a long time and he had an affair with Abigail. Elizabeth knew that he did this and forgave him for what he did. Through this made John Proctor realize his wrong and from then on he would not do it again and he loved his wife. He learned from what had happened making him a much wiser man because of his mistakes and all the sacrifices he made including his death.

This quote is also represented again in the book Lord of the Flies when Ralph tries to create order amongst the boys on the island he has major conflict with Jack another kid on the island that wants to be leader of the boys and cause trouble. Jack fails to get the majority of the boys to listen to him and after a few deaths on the island he knows he needs to run away from Jack and he still refuses to join Jacks side because he knows it’s not right. He chose not to join Jack even after everything that has happened shows that through those experiences, he still chooses the path of good and does not give in.

Both these characters in each novel are a good representation of the quote “Good people…are good because they’ve come to wisdom through failure.” Proctor and Ralph demonstrate that through different events that happen in their lives they stick with what they think is right or is the good way.````````````````````````````...
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