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project paper


Dr. Nazrul Islam


Dept Of Business Administration

East West University

Sub: Letter Of Transmittal

Dear Sir

We from your course Principles of Management(section-1),are very glad to submite the given group assignment on management procedures.

We would like to inform you that our report focuses on management procedures We have garnered all information from web site. Weare presenting the report to your consideration .

We have given our best eforts in preparing this report. we hope that you will consider it and oblige thereby.

Thanking you

Your s sincerely

__________________ _ _______________________

Amitun Hasin Mir Nayma Nazneen

2010-2-10-081 2010-2-10-041

_____________________ ____________

Md.Ashiqual Islam Md.Riad Morshad Chowdhury

2010-2-10-105 2010-2-10-051

Principle of managenent

Submittied To
Dr. Nazrul Islam


Dept Of Business Administration

East West University

Submittied By
Mir Nayma Nazneen : 2010-2-10-041
Md.Riad Morshed Chowdhury : 2010-2-10-051
Amitum Hasin : 2010-2-10-081 Md. Ashiqual Islam : 2010-2-10-105

Date of Submission: 20/4/2011

[pic] Executive Summery

Otobi Limited is one of the largest manufacturer and seller of Particleboard furniture in Bangladesh. They have coverage in all the districts of the nation and their head office is in Dilkusha and factory in Shampur and Mirpur.

This report originated when our honorable course instructor for MGT 101: Principles of Management , Dr Nazrul Islam instructed us to prepare a report on the management system of Otobi Limited as a part of the practical learning process in the course.

The main objective of the report is to find the effects of environment, influence of the stakeholders, and type of organizational model they follow, the human resource management of Otobi.

The scope of the report is the management process of Otobi and its related issues. We focused on the different issues and their effects on the organizations decisions.

The limitations are lack of time, lack of enthusiastic cooperation of the management of Otobi and some biased answers from the employees and managers.

The information for writing the report was collected by visiting the showrooms and the head office where the managers and the employees were interviewed. For the survey four employees were selected from the HR division that included the Manager, Senior Personnel, Personnel and Assistant Personnel of HR.

As an organization Otobi has different values, missions, policies, strategies to reach their desired goal. Otobi wants present furniture as art not as an object. So all the employees of Otobi is working to attain that goal.

In the assessment of the internal environment, the management, employees and the entrepreneur comes into play. All of them are a major part of the organization and in its operation. The entrepreneur is Mr. Kundu, who started Otobi at first. The management controls the operations, marketing, finance and the human resource. The employees work for the organization and try to build their career. So all of them affect Otobi as a whole.

In the assessment of the external environment, the customers, suppliers and competitors act as the specific environment. Their impact on the organization is direct. Also the economic conditions, political conditions, socio cultural conditions, demographic conditions and technological conditions and global conditions have their effects on the operations of Otobi and the management...
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