pain management

Topics: Death, Life, Chemical element Pages: 4 (1128 words) Published: May 5, 2014
At a time when pain management is the prevalent way of dealing with challenges we as humans encounter towards the end of our lives, many of us have not had a chance to familiarize ourselves with the way dying occurs when we allow it to happen in its own good time while the dying individual receives full comfort care. What we do not know easily creates fear and this is especially true when it comes to a topic as emotionally charged as facing the death of a loved one. When it comes to Life-and -Death decisions for our loved ones though, fear does not serve us well as a guide. Is it possible to view death as a natural process and for it to become accepted as a part of life verses something that is feared? In her book, “Sacred Passages”, Margaret Coberly, a registered nurse with a special interest in hospice, lays out: “The lack of information and fear that has been generated by our cultural inclination to deny death can be reduced by an open minded study”. It is natural for people to fear what they do not understand. For many it is the fear of what will happen next. Holistic medicine has a new approach on death based on the Chinese Five-element theory about death by using a natural charting strategy that is tied to the Earth’s five natural elements, the four seasons, and the stages of Dissolving or death. The model was developed by observing the way things work in nature. This charting strategy can be used to eliminate some of the confusion that arises from not knowing what will happen next. It also illustrates that dying is a process, and does not happen in a moment. The five element model allows one to understand the physical as well as psychological disposition of an individual both in terms of strengths and weakness, and can be used to determine how to most effectively re-balance an individual in case of disease. It also illustrates how in the seasons of the year the entire life cycle is reflected, encouraging us to embrace dying as a part of life....
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