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Medical Office Systems Shannel Slade Project

Topic: Why it’s important for effective patient communication in the medical office setting

Is communication important in your life? How many factors can you point to and say without effective communication your day runs smoothly? In our daily lives we each face situations where daily we need proper communication to function.

Effective communication with patients in the medical office setting is a very important factor. It is crucial that you utilize both verbal and nonverbal communication. Without these factors can lead to misunderstandings, lack of feedback and malpractice suits which is a lack of communication. Building communication skills with patients can prevent lack of communication. Interacting with patients helps build trust and can change their attitudes if they were having a bad day. Understanding a patient helps the medical assistant to commute with the physician to assist the patient effectively. Communication in the workplace with patients builds employment because without the patients the office setting wouldn’t be open for business.

Verbal Communication in the workplace is valuable to patients, which is based on the tone of your voice, your words and sounds. The tone of your voice such as, how you interact with the patient and their family is important, it plays a major role because the patient and their family want to know if you are sincere or concerned to reason of the office visit. Attitude is also effective when working with patients and their families, when you are having a conversation involving their loved one. Always try to include them when they are in your presence. Using sympathy, which means feeling “sorry for a patient” is also a part of having a positive attitude. Your behavior is a key factor in the medical office setting because patients observe that and who wants to deal with a person that doesn’t...
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