Paschal Mystery

Topics: Jesus, Christianity, Afterlife Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: August 14, 2013
Name: Lauren Gie S. Tampus Teacher: Ms. Marie Jo Osorio


Paschal Mystery is referring to a journey. Also a journey of life to death and to life again. We too have our own journey. Its main subject is the passion, death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through the Ascension and Exaltation of Christ, humanity has been given the unbreakable promise of everlasting life with God. It may be one filled with trials and sufferings, ups and downs, joys and problems. Suffering is necessary part of life. During in sharing in our CL time, some of my classmates some stories about Resurrection of Jesus. Not all the time when someone is resurrected, they saw heaven and hell. One of my classmate told that in her/his story that heaven is so boring. Not like in hell, because in hell all the likes of a man is there. Then after that, the man in the story started to do bad things. Therefore, not all the time when we are resurrected Jesus is with us. Maybe demon is with us. They tempted other people to do bad things. One of the most common sources of suffering among human beings is rejection. Rejection hits to cure our humanity. We cannot avoid rejection because we don’t have the right to control the feelings of others. They may reject us without any reason. Like my friend before in my elementary days. She really hates me. And I don’t even know why. She just say that she wants a war. But still I don’t hate her. I know her attitude. Jesus commanded us to love those who rejected us. Paschal mystery is also the “redemptive death” and glorious Resurrection of the Messiah. Jesus’ dying on the Cross is the ultimate sign of the love of God for us. We cannot fully know Jesus is until we know how He was died.
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