paul walker's death

Topics: Death, Suicide, Life Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: February 5, 2014

Source 1 1.The rumor // Paul Walker Girlfriend Busted On-Site Setting Up Fake Death + Paul Walker Is Alive. Actor Faked His Own Death''

2.When and how it Started // It started on website “” on 24 December,2013

3.Who was responsible //’s Editor

4.How it was spread // It was spread by internet on website “”. People who love and care about him sheared this news to others and hope it was true because they did not want him to die and supporting the claims the website has even released photos of Paul's sightings in Miami, Florida and has further claimed that Paul's family and friends helped him fake his death.

5.How it affected the life….//This news affected Paul’s family and his fans after Paul Walker's family is in distraught since his passing away. His daughter Meadow Walker, brother Cody Walker and GF Jasmine Gosnell are the ones who are most affected by his death. However, the recent reports from claim that Walker is not dead and he has faked his own death made them more suffer.

6.How the person or group ….// Paul’s family did not care about what did say. They absolutely knew the truth.

7.Your view on what should / shouldn’t have been done// I think this is personal though he die or not if the news said that he already died we should respect his dead and let him rest in peace, why would he want to fake his own death. Moreover we should leave his family alone it is not your business.
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