Personal Explorations Paper

Topics: Meaning of life, Personality psychology, Personality Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: September 26, 2014
Personal Explorations Paper

Lee Ashton Brooks

7 December 2013


Professor Moore

Over the course of 7 modules, different personality aspects of mine have been tested and evaluated and have even revealed things about myself that I was not aware of. The surveys and questions that I answered dug deep into decisions and choice I make, how I think and how I feel to reveal certain characteristics about myself, some of which I was aware of and others that I was not. Things such as my expression of sexuality, different levels and aspects of my psychology, my personal reactions to certain social situations, and the way I pursue and value my career were all evaluated by answering questionnaires. In the end a lot was revealed about the way I handle and look at things and even my overall personality.

My expression of sexuality was not really a huge surprise to me. My values and my religious beliefs I believe played a huge part of expression of sexuality. I believe that sex is something that was designed by God exclusively for marriage. Although that has not always been what I valued or walked by in my life, it is now my beliefs since I am not married. My intermediate and low scores concerning sexual esteem, sexual depression, and sexual preoccupation didn't surprise me, but I do feel that because of my beliefs and how I now view sex that my responses automatically made it seemed as if I struggled with the sexual esteem, depression and preoccupation which is not the case. I view sex as a temptation that I cannot indulge into until I'm married. If I were surprised by anything it would be that my scores were not lower.

Positive psychology was another aspect of my personality that I was questioned and evaluated on. The questions yielded 4 scores, my orientation to pleasure, to engagement, meaning and to victory. My highest score amongst the 4 orientations scores was orientation to meaning. This I feel was very reflective on to how I feel and how I...
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