Phenomenology of Death

Topics: Death, Life, Afterlife Pages: 3 (1181 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Death will complete me

Finally being able to understand what Heidegger is really pointing out, the first question that came to my mind was, “who’s not afraid of death?” Of course everybody is afraid of it. First off, nobody knows how we will die. It’s either painful or not. And last one is we is don’t know what it is like if we died. Since no one came back to life after they died, no one can explain to us what it is like if we die. Nobody exactly knows what it is like if we die, nobody knows what will really happen to us if we die. All we know is that when a person die peacefully and truly accepts his/her death, the rest peacefully. I’m not sure if they are happy about it or not since they may or may not be fulfilled since they have many things to do when they were still alive. This made me think if this is the reason why there are ghosts. Since they said that ghosts are the souls of those people who died who’s not peaceful and not yet fulfilled with their life and got killed by people they know or do not know. Personally, I am afraid of death, I’m not just scared but it very much afraid of it. If I can just plan my death, it would be a natural death, when I’m sleeping, not feeling any pain at all and I like to die after I’m fulfilled with my life. But no one knows when we will die. Death is mandatory. If death comes there will be no exception, this is the only one that we can’t escape. We can’t excuse ourselves from death, no excuse letter for death to excuse us. Death is death. No matter how much we escape it, it will still find its way to get us if it’s really our time to die.

As for what I understand there are different kinds of death: Suicide, when a person feels angry, scared, and lonely and other reasons, they kill themselves using tools that can kill them. Next is Murder, this is when people kill other people on purpose; they kill people who they hate. Next is, Accidental death caused by others, this is a type of death where people kill other...
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