pillars of education

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2. I. Learning to knowgeneral education specialized education• Should be given and is • Provides the opportunity available to all despite to study a small number differences of race, of of subjects in depth, place and of physical and focused on training to economic condition prepare students for their respective workplace 3. general educationIt is in this field that a child learns how to:• Think- something that should be learned from parents and then teachers which include the process of problem-solving and abstract thought• Concentrate- ability to focus or to give full attention to something• Acquire memory skills- skills to associate one object or experience to another 4. specialized educationIt is in this discipline that an individual:• Is encouraged for greater intellectual curiosity• Could sharpen his critical faculties• Enables an individual to develop their own independent judgment on the world around them 5. • Learning to know is the concept of basic and general education with the addition of opportunities to work on specific areas that continue to develop with regards to the rapid change in science, technology and socio-economic activities. General education Specialized education 6. II. Learning to do Adjusting Education for the 21st Century Occupation• There is a great shift of occupation in the coming years thus learning should also be adjusted and modified in order for an individual to cope with change• Learning to do tackles not purely on instructing an individual to perform a specific task but to give a grounding in the concept called personal competence 7. certified skills vs personal competenceCertified skills Personal competence• Purely technical or • Mix of skills and vocational talents• Intellectual in aspect • Emotional in aspect• Learned through • Innate or acquired specialized education qualities 8. • Learning to do is a concept where technical skills paired with personal competence equips man the ability to...
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