Plane Crash

Topics: Surfing Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: August 27, 2014
Creative Writing 1/29/13

8th Grade Fatima Hassan

I was on a plane headed to a SMALL town TO visit my friend. The flight was running SMOOTHLY until a disaster happened. I wasn't alarmed by my senses at first, but what I felt was a BURST of pressure. I felt AGHAST and had a PREMONITION that something BAD was happening. The pressure that I was feeling came TO a stop, AND then I became unconscious.

I regained my consciousness, and my eyes started TO open. I felt a bit confused, BUT I had realized that the plane had crashed. I couldn't see much, BUT then I realized that I was covered in material from HEAVY luggage AND broken pieces of miscellaneous objects. I removed the objects FROM my sight and started to smell the RESIDUE of ash and gas. After I checked to see if I had any injuries, I realized that I didn't break any bones. Sadly, I was in pain and had a few MAJOR cuts oozing out blood. My bleeding cuts were the least of my worries.

I had to figure out how I was going to make it through this. I stood up and looked AROUND for help, but my voice was COMPLETELY INAUDIBLE. There wasn't anybody alive around me. All that was IN sight was debris, burnt materials, and bodies. As I walked over PULVERIZED objects, I began to wander the DESTROYED land.

After wandering around the area, I smelled a BOUNTIFUL amount of gasoline. I turned back and watched the gasoline as it caught on fire. The fire drew closer and closer to me. In, panic I started to search for an escape. FRANTICALLY, I grabbed the wing of the plane and headed towards the shore, which I had not seen before. I climbed upon the wing and used it as a surf board. To my opinion, I was PRETTY good at surfing, even though I had never surfed before.

After surfing for quite a while, I became tired and floated on my belly on the wing. I tried to take a nap AND relax, BUT every time I tried my face would sink UNDER the surface of the water. I looked UP and saw a yacht, then began to wave my hands to get...
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