Plant of eternal life plus two more

Topics: Euphrates, Sumer, Tigris Pages: 3 (347 words) Published: March 6, 2015
Retrieving the Plant
Malachi Coan, 6th Grade

The valiant king of Urek, Gilgamesh, was on his last quest. He wanted to find out how to live forever. He had been searching for months through colossal mountains and past scorching deserts, and had learned about the Plant of Eternal Life found in the deepest, darkest part of the ocean. After discovering that the Euphrates River would carry him to his destination, he tied rocks to his ankles and plunged into the icy cold darkness below. Quickly, the rough, chilled current carried him to the plant. The plant shone radiantly with the power of eternal life. He reached out eagerly and grabbed it. The plant had needle-like thorns, but Gilgamesh held on tight and gave a mighty tug. Quickly, he cut the rough ropes with his sharp knife. The Plant of Eternal Life was his!

Losing the Plant
Malachi Coan, 6th Grade

On his long journey home Gilgamesh stopped to wash in an icy blue pond. He set the Plant of Eternal Life on a jagged rock and slowly made his way to the pond. Suddenly he saw a snake slithering to the plant. Before Gilgamesh could do anything the sneaky snake devoured the plant! Then the snake shed his old skin and a shiny metallic green skin was in its place. Gilgamesh wailed in despair but could do nothing. Nothing mattered now. The plant was gone forever.

The True Secret of Immortality
Malachi Coan, 6th Grade

As Gilgamesh stood wailing uncontrollably, a comforting voice quietly called to him. Quickly Gilgamesh recognized his friend Enkidu, back from the afterlife. He possessed the form of a powerful eagle. He soared up with Gilgamesh on his back and then he descended lower. Gilgamesh could see the beautiful rivers of Sumer. He observed the magnificent city he had built, full of golden...
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