Prior learning (non-formal Education)

Topics: Literacy, Adult education, Lifelong learning Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: November 7, 2013

Assessment of Prior Learning in Lifelong Learning and its application for promotion of personality and career development


In India we have seen a series of non-formal/adult education programmes aiming at the educational development of the non-literates and oppressed since independence. Social Education, Farmers Functional Literacy Programmes (FFLP), National Adult Education Programme (NAEP), Rural Functional Literacy Programmes (RFLP) Point No.16 of 20 point programme etc were some of the important programmes launched to promote literacy in our country. National Literacy Mission was the major programme, through which Post Literacy and Continuing Education Programmes in the country were strengthened. Sakshar Bhatath is the latest programme in the field, with focus on women in the country.National Literacy Mission (NLM) played a key role in promoting literacy rate from 36.23% to 52.11% in India during 1981 to 1991. Even though the participants were non-literates in the beginning, the system failed to identify their capacities and skills as adults.. Majority of the participants in these programmes were from rural areas with certain skills and capacities. Their skills and capacities were under estimated and focus was given only on their abilities in reading, writing and numeracy.

Concept of Prior Learning Assessment (Indian context)
Prior leaning is an emerging area of study bracketed with Lifelong Learning in the national and international scenario. In India after independence we have seen variety of programmes in the field of Non-formal / Adult and Continuing Education programmes which led to the concept of Life Long Learning. Adults learn in many different ways throughout their lives. Their social skills develop over years; their technical skills develop while they work and at home as needs arise. Many people have no documentation or other means to verify their knowledge and skills. Lifelong...
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