Problem Solution : the Computers

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Have you ever thought that you are using a device and you are getting benefits from it and at the same time it is harming you? One of these devices is the computer. Although, we can not live without it nowadays but we must know its effects on us and how to avoid them. The computer was invented in 1936 but it became common when the Microsoft developed the operating systems specially Windows in 1985. After that, many companies started to invent new hardware and making new software. Then, the governments started to use the computers and then, the individuals started to use them because their prices became cheaper than before. Day after day and we are using the computers more and more without thinking about their effects. Every device has advantages and disadvantages but we must think how to decrease its disadvantages and increase its advantages. The computers are very important in education specially if the internet was available. As we can see in our university, all the classes are equipped with at least one computer. The instructors use it to present their lectures and for explanation by using the PowerPoint slides, videos and websites. Also, the students use it to do their homework, find information and sometimes to submit their assignments. Besides, it helps the students to communicate with the professors easily and to ask those questions if they did not have enough time to ask them during the class or the office time. Also, many people are using the computers for entertainment by playing games, chatting, listening to music or watching movies. The computer and the internet made the world as a small area. You can chat with many people from all over the world and even talk and see them by using a microphone and a webcam. You can share with them whatever you want like music and videos and store them on your computer without losing them. All the companies are using the computers nowadays for everything from sending...
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