Problems of an ageing population

Topics: Retirement, Pension, Ageing Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: January 20, 2014
The average age of the UK population is rising. Lengthening lifespans and slumping birth rates mean that 2030 the UK’s population of working age will fall to 55%, it is currently 60%. At the same time the number of pensioners will rise from 21% of the population to 27%. This ‘ageing population can cause problems. One problem is health resources. The elderly tend to be less healthy and require more care and attention than the young. With more of them, there will be and increased pressure on health resources. Currently there are 3 care workers per over 65 year old in the UK, this will drop to 2 soon, thus lowering the dependency ration and possibly reducing the quality of life for pensioners as they will have less provision. More people will have to be employed creating costs for the government, especially as it’s much more expensive to care for the elderly than the young. Also the elderly take up hospital spaces as they can’t be sent home as quickly after procedures or checks. However costs could be significantly offset by the increased health of the elderly and indeed, the young. A second problem lies in housing. More people, means less housing space. This means housing must be built costing the government. Furthermore, the elderly are much more likely to be in warden controlled flats, council bungalows or old peoples’ homes, these forms of housing cost even more to set up and run than ordinary accommodation. They are state funded meaning the government is paying for gas, electricity, water and staff at the homes, these costs stack up especially considering that there will be more and more of these homes as the retiree population grows. In my view the biggest problem is in pensions. Currently, the current generation of working age pays a set amount of their salary towards the pensions of the current retired generation. The next generation of workers will do the same for the and so on. Currently there are 4 workers per pensioner. However this is expected to drop...
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