Process of Communication

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Process of communication & Feedback

➢ The word communication has its root in the Latin word “communicare”, which means ‘to share’ & this sharing is of information, knowledge &thoughts.

➢ For these kind of sharing, two parties, the sender and the receiver is required, without which communication is not possible.

➢ However, it is not sufficient to have two parties; there should also be co-operation & understanding between them.

➢ They should have a mutual accepted code of signals making up a common language.

➢ Thus, communication can be defined as the exchange of information, ideas & knowledge between the sender & the receiver through an accepted code of symbols.

➢ It is termed effective only when the receiver receives the message intended by the sender in the same perspective.

➢ Otherwise, it is a miscommunication.

The above definition represents the literal meaning of communication. But there are various meanings of communication depending on various people.

Some of the definitions are stated as follows_

“Communication is the process by which the information is transmitted between the individuals or organizations, so that an understanding response results.” -Peter Little

“Communication is a process of passing information & understanding from one person to another.” -Keith Davis

“Communication is an exchange of facts, ideas, opinions or emotions by two or more persons.” -W. H. Newman
-C. F. Summer Jr.

“Communication is any means, by which thought is transferred from one person to another.” -Chappell & Read

“Communication is the sum of all things one person does when he wants to create an understanding in the minds of another. It involves a systematic & a continuous process of telling, listening & understanding.” -Allen Louis

This process & the definition of this Communication Cycle would be much clearer through the...
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