Proof of Heaven

Topics: Afterlife, Heaven, Death Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: July 15, 2013
Although the experience of Dr. Eben Alexander is doubtful, it actually seems plausible based on evidences recorded from the diverse interviews that he had especially with Oprah and Elizabeth Vargas and also from his responses given to the multitude critics of his book, Proof of Heaven. Evidence 1

After seven days of coma, Dr. Alexander returned to the living world with his beautiful and interesting near-death experience related in his book, Proof of Heaven. Seven days in coma was quite enough for Dr. Alexander to Experience what could be called one of the most uncommon and probably impossible adventure for most human being. Deep in coma, Dr. Alexander actually remembered being in other dimension with no memory of his life on earth. He first woke up in a dirty underground. After spending some time into darkness, he was rescued by a spinning white light coming toward him with the most gorgeous melody. Accompanied by a strange beautiful woman, he was taken on a journey in a larger and more beautiful dimension where pure love really exists with no room for wrongness and where God himself resides. Dr. Alexander explained that he saw God and that he somehow felt his power and presence in him and in everything that surrounded him as everything was connected. Dr. Alexander is not the only one who experienced such adventure. There are many people before him who claimed that they were taking to the exact same place as described by Dr. Alexander by a loved one who had already passed away which is weird because Dr. Alexander didn’t recognize her spiritual guide. However, he explained that by the fact that he was an adopted child. He didn’t have the chance to know all his biological family. He knew his parents; however his sister, Betsy died before he had a chance to meet her. After recovering from his coma, he started to draw the face of the gorgeous woman who guided him all along his adventure, and that unknown beautiful woman turns out to be the same person...
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