Pros and Cons of Computers

Topics: Reality, Mathematics, Computer Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Pros and cons of computers
Computers were invented many years ago, but we began to use them recently. The technical progress is constantly developing. People always create new computer technologies. The computer has become a part of our daily life. Many people use computers at work, school, and at home, but we have not yet realized the advantages and disadvantages of the computer. On the one hand, computers help us and make our life easier. We can solve many problems using them. We can buy clothes, food and, even cars. This device has replaced typing machines, cinema, and record players. We can draw pictures with the help of various special programs, do difficult math operations, or design. Computers are used in every scientific sphere. They help to develop physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and other areas of science. On the other hand, the latest thing today is the Virtual Reality. People live in this reality and forget about real life. They can speak to each other, fall in love, and enjoy life only in social Networks. Moreover, small children play computer games too much. It’s harmful for children’s psychology. An international group of psychologists have suggested recently that anyone who surfs the Internet for long periods is clinically ill and needs a medical treatment. In addition, computer radiation is dangerous for human health. To sum it up, people must understand that the computer is a useful device, but they should think how and for how many hours to use it. We should spend less time using the computer. We shouldn’t forget about real life and other activities.
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