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Video Assignment

Assignment B:

1. Write down all the information given about the Banshee in this film.

The Banshee is the death spirit.
The Banshee is the restless spirit of woman who had died in the childbirth. Her mission is to for tell approaching death that she does with of her aguish crime. The Banshee washes the bloody clothes of those who are about to died.

2. Why does the soldier approach the Banshee in the first place?

If you manage to see them before they laid eyes on you, you can extract a gift from them, in a form of a wish, so the soldier approaches her. The soldier ask that his beloved still be waiting for, that the great feast is prepare for his arrival and, that he may be rewarded with the large gift of gold.

3. Why does the Banshee grant him his wishes?
Because the banshee wants the soldiers life as his wish come true.

4. How do you interpret the quote, ” (…) as with all Fairy gifts, one should be very careful to read the fine print.”

Be careful of what you wish for, especially asking for materialistic things and not from the heart, wishes that only good for you that might cause of your death.
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