Reflection Paper on the Movie the Flowers of War in Relation to Metaphysics and Ethics

Topics: Death, Afterlife, Form of the Good Pages: 4 (1412 words) Published: July 21, 2013
Yzza Camille A. Diaz August 9, 2012
Philosophy 1 Y
Reflection Paper on the movie The Flowers of War in relation to Metaphysics and Ethics
Is life after death possible? Are the things beyond our perceptions lie in a factual basis? Moral relativists would say “whatever is good to you is only good for you, whatever is good to me, is good to me alone”. So if we believe on things like heaven or hell—two places we’ve never been, never saw, hear, touch, smell or taste. No one would say we are wrong, that such place does not exist, because for those of us who believe it does exist, in the mind which can understand and abstract ideas. The Chinese film released last year show evidences of people who believe on things even if it cannot be perceived, some lines in the movie reveal the characters’ strong conviction, they are not therefore skeptic, also different ethics on how they handle death, react on different situations, and how their attitude is affected by the war. “Don’t do anything foolish. So many people have died. Even hell is packed. Why should you add to the crowd” -Yu Mo If the speaker believes in hell, she probably believe in its opposite too. In terms of metaphysics it is life after death. Even if the person is no longer physically and mentally able to give signs of being conscious, as a part of a religion or belief this particular person still lives on in a place called the after-death world or another part of the universe. “Father Ingleman, fly away” –George Chen

“I can’t have a priest staring at me while I’m sleeping.” –John Miller The convent boy (George) was saying his last words for Father Ingleman (the dead priest). He was like talking to someone who is actually standing in front of him. They were treating the dead as if it’s still alive, that the priest is looking over them even if it is just a picture. For George on the other hand, he owes the priest his being alive, because he was just...
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