Religion and Its Effects

Topics: Islam, Christianity, Jesus Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: March 10, 2013
How Religion Affects Its Followers
By Jordan X. Davis

Religions are found all over the world and most people have one. I will discuss three that are prominent in our world today – Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The basic belief of Judaism gives its followers a roadmap to living on this earth to inherit the rewards in the hereafter. Christians believe if they follow the teachings of Jesus and be meek and humble or suffer for the sake of their religion, they will be reward by God in this world and the hereafter (Excerpt from New Testament Matt. 5 and Genesis 17). In Islam the belief in the Five Pillars of faith to Muslims is obligatory, a Muslim cannot be considered a practicing Muslim if not followed the result will b an one way ticket to the hell fire. Religion has given mankind many meaningful and fulfilling things. It has given them explanations of the unknown, hope for the inevitable (death) and reasons for life. Religion has also given mankind daily instructions for simple things, such as the way to dress all the way to how to treat others. Religion gives those who believe hope for the after life, essentially the very reason to follow the beliefs and obligatory duties required by it. The basic and most important belief in Judaism is the affirmation of ONE God and there is no other gods or deities that is worthy of worship (Ten Commandments). Other beliefs of the Commandments gives the followers a “moral code” to live there daily lives. For example, “you shall not kill” is definitely a moral code that most people follow regardless of their religion (Ten Commandments). Why - Because it’s the right thing to do. Jews uses the Torah as a reference and guide. The Torah is a very important resource to the teachings of the followers and they hold it in the highest regards. The followers believe these are the words of their existence and follow it to the fullest. The impact of following the Commandments will ensure eternal life after death....
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