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Is Rizal married to Josephine Braken?

I. Introduction

My intention is to give a basic outline of the lovelife story between Josephine Bracken and Jose P. Rizal. So for reasons of this outline and other constraints it will unfortunately be necessary omit some aspects of their story in this outline report. I ask of anyone who believes that anything is incorrect. Then, should it be necessary, it can be amended. I ask that any information that is offered is factually based rather than opinion or rumour. Many Filipinos are unaware of the degree of affection that existed between Rizal and Bracken. The romanticised notion of Rizal as of a Filipino politician during his brief life with women from various parts of the world as his conquest overshadowed the real love and relationship he had with Bracken. Rizal was obviously happy in his relationship with the woman who filled in an emotional need during his lonely and boring days in exile life. Although his family was not happy about the relationship. His deep concern over Bracken is quite evident and revealing in the numerous letters he penned during the later part of his emotional, boring and lonelyness with his love life. Those were Rizal’s efforts to bring josephine bracken closer to the members of his family. Many inaccuracies and rumours relating to their have originated, persisted and been added to ever since first stepped into the stage of their lovelife. Most of these have been promulegate on the paper of evidence, or indeed in the absence of any evidence whatsoever and unfortunately in some cases by personages who really should have known better. To the best of my knowledge there is an evidence that supports the validity of that statement because rizal had been maried with josephine bracken and together they live as man and wife happily ever after.. it appears to have simply been based on deliberately details in a contemporary report yet it was given an apparent posibility by power of the love.

José Rizal (1861-1896) was a Filipino intellectual who fought to reform, and ultimately to oust, the Spanish colonial government. He is best known for his controversial novel, Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not), which, though fictional, alluded to the corruption of the Spanish colonial government and the Catholic Church. He was eventually executed by a firing squad for the part he played in the Philippine Revolution. Rizal is still considered a revolutionary martyr in the Philippines.

In 1887, Rizal published Noli Me Tangere. His gripping and controversial tale of Spanish colonial injustice awakened national consciousness among Filipinos and contributed to the rise of the Filipino independence movement. According to "Rizal Without the Overcoat" by Ambeth R. Ocampo, Josephine Braken was the illegitimate daughter of an Irishman named Joseph Bracken and an unknown Chinese mother in Hong Kong. The social stigma of being Eurasian in 19th century Hong Kong was worse than even being illigeitimate. There are many instances throughout her life where she fabricated accounts of herself, apparently, to overcome this stigma. The Jesuit Vicente Balaguer claims to have married Rizal and Josephine before his execution in the presence of one of Rizal's sisters. However, the Rizal family denied this, and by Rizal's own account, none of them were there on the day of the supposed marriage. Later, Josephine neither used Rizal's name or produced a marriage certificate or other documentation to prove marriage to him. She failed to prove her claim of marriage during litigation over his library and other matters of his will.

Some time after Rizal's execution, she married Vicente Abad, the Filipino representative of Tabaclera, Hong Kong. She eventually died on March 14, 1902 in Hong Kong of ulceration of the breast/military tubercolosis". She died penniless and was buried in a paupers grave. Dispite the weight of evidence and general belief that Rizal and Bracken were never legally...
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