Topics: Inheritance, Death, Heart Pages: 2 (330 words) Published: June 14, 2013
From limbs that had the measure of the worm, shuffled
Off from the creasing flesh, filed 
Through all the irons in the grass, metal 
Of suns in the man-melting night. 
When my limbs were small, I got rid of the creasing flesh and walked through metal in the grass at night Thomas used dark and earthy imagery to connect human to blind worms, which could mean that the human has no understanding to create a better world for himself.

Heir to the scalding veins that hold love's drop, costly 
A creature in my bones I 
Rounded my globe of heritage, journey 
In bottom gear through night-geared man
I inherited hot blood which was like a creature inside of me as I traveled slowly through my heritage

He connects this one human to all human by using the term such as heir and heritage

I dreamed my genesis and died again, shrapnel 
Rammed in the marching heart, hole 
In the stitched wound and clotted wind, muzzled 
Death on the mouth that ate the gas.
In my dream I died again, because shrapnel was in my heart and I could not breathe he used war imagery , that shows violent death that reader could understand

Sharp in my second death I marked the hills, harvest 
Of hemlock and the blades, rust 
My blood upon the tempered dead, forcing 
My second struggling from the grass. 
In the second death, I saw hills covered with knives and my blood over quiet dead and because of this I struggled again In his harvest, he is using it in bad way because of poisons and violence And power was contagious in my birth, second 

Rise of the skeleton and 
Rerobing of the naked ghost. Manhood 
Spat up from the resuffered pain
I felt powerful in my second birth as my skeleton and ghost lived again By using the allusion to Adam that clearly connects the poem to the bible and the fall from the garden
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