Sensing the Atlantic Ocean

Topics: Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Seawater Pages: 2 (892 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Viridiana Diaz
David Pyle, Professor
English 111
12 December 2012
Sensing The Atlantic Ocean.
Who would have thought an unplanned vacation would turn out to be one of the best vacations ever? My parents surprised me with a flying ticket to go to Florida, on August 4, 2012, with my cousin Oscar. According to Oscar’s parents and my parents: it was our graduation present (since we are the first cousins on our family to graduate). I will be sharing my experience on seeing, smelling, touching, tasting, and hearing the Atlantic Ocean. They say Florida is one of the most beautiful states in the country, and I had to see it with my own eyes in order to believe it. As I walked out of Orlando International Airport, I could not believe how humid and beautiful this place was. Living for eighteen years, I have never ever in my life have seen such a beautiful place. I stood outside the door for almost four minutes looking around and taking pictures at the beautiful palms. We started walking to the parking lot, where all the rental cars were located at; we approach our white mini-van that our parents had already reserved for us. We put our luggage in the back of the car and headed to the resort where we would be staying. As we approach our orange condo, we notice how little lizards were crawling around the walls of the building: everywhere I looked, there were big tall palm trees, even the grass was an eye-catcher (it was bright green that made the grass look like plastic grass). We were in Orlando, Florida for four days, and three days at Clear Water (small city in Florida). One of the main reasons we were more excited to go to Florida was because of the beach. We had the choice to go to Miami, Daytona Beach, or Cleat Water. We choose to go to Clear Water, because both of our parents were insisting for us to go there; who knows what there reason was for us to stay at Clear Water for three day? After all, they planned this trip and pay for...
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