Topics: China, Hong Kong, Shanghai Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Shanghai is the most populated city in the world with an immense population of 17.8 million people. It is important because of its leading standing in media, finance and technology. In 2010 the city hosted the world expo, bringing itself to the attention of more people around the world. People from other parts of China and other countries come to Shanghai to pursue their goals. In the past two decades Shanghai has developed a new generation of talented youth, an imposing infrastructure and a prosperous economy. However at the same time the city is faced with many challenges. As Shanghai continues to advance and is branded with the name, “the city of dreams” China is seeing both the good and bad aspects of their development. Four-fifths of Shanghai’s population is between the ages of 15 and 64. They represent China’s upcoming and talented people who are being successful in fields ranging from fashion and filmmaking to architecture. In the documentary China Rises they explore the new opportunities available to the young people of Shanghai. They interview upcoming art director Ma Liang. He said: “Back then when I was a teenager I could never imagine what I would be like when I hit 30. The way the country was going I couldn’t see that there was any future for me. But now I am always dreaming.” The change in economy has not only opened up different career choices for this generation but has also very much changed their lifestyle. They are now living a more cosmopolitan lifestyle, which is very similar to the lifestyle of someone living in Toronto. The media, shopping and urban way of life consume the young people of Shanghai like Torontonians. This way of life could have many beneficial effects towards Shanghai’s economy however it has also greatly changed the younger generations views of cultural societal traditions. For example women are more hesitant to get married and have children. Also younger people no longer have deep connections to their families. The...
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