Silence in Business Communication

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Basically, Managerial communication consists of collecting precious information from both inside and outside of the companies and it also includes distributing appropriate information to others concerned with it. Generally, Mangers job it is obvious that managerial communication is vital for each management function known to business. Managers perform the planning function; they collect information, analyze data, prepare memos, reports, and letters and then conduct meetings with other managers to discuss the plan. When managers work, they share their views to generalize a vision of what the organization can be and it also motivate employees to support achieve an entire organizational goal. On the other hand, when managers organize, they collect and analyze data and information about the state of the organization and communicate a organizational structure to others. By mean, managerial communication is the primary and fundamental parts of any organization. Communication is the exchange of information between two or more people or persons. Information includes facts, ideas, data, opinions, emotions etc. Basically, Communication is an intercourse by words, letters, symbols, messages, and communication is a way that the person shares meaning and understanding with another persons. In general terms, Communication is the process of conveying messages (facts, ideas, attitudes or opinions) by one person to another so that they can understand. Communication is a two way process. The communication does not make any sense unless it is decoded by the receiver.

Managerial communication is generally separated into two forms i.e. Verbal and Non-Verbal. By meaning, Verbal communication is divided into written and oral communication. The oral communication refers to the spoken words in the communication process. Oral communication can either be face-to-face communication or a conversation over the phone or on the Internet. Spoken conversations or dialogues are influenced by voice modulation, pitch, volume and even the speed and clarity of speaking. The other type of verbal communication is written communication. Written communication can be either via mail, or email. Primark is much conscious about the communication system and it is maintain the communication balance since many years.

Non Verbal Communications basically focus on the symbol, body languages and the unexpressed words. The senior managers and supervisors generally use such kind of communication techniques to direct their subordinates. This kind of communication includes the overall body language of the person who is speaking, which will include the body 1

posture, the hand gestures, and overall body movements. The facial expressions also play a major role while communication since the expressions on a person’s face says a lot about their mood. On the other hand gestures like a handshake, a smile or a hug can independently convey emotions. Non verbal communication is in the form of pictorial representations, signboards, or even photographs, sketches and paintings. Non Verbal Communication system is complicated and somehow difficult to transform. Sometimes it is hard to understand what the customer actually wants. Talking about Primark, The HR team is more conscious as it provides the detail training to its member of staffs regarding the various methods of communication. “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” Jeanne Segal, Phd.

The silence however, is the most precious ornaments represents the efficiency and effectiveness of being a good manager. Silence contributes in the success of managerial communication. Silence plays a critical role in managerial communication. Silence has been identified as the presenting managerial efficiency in understanding the effectiveness of individualistic as well as team work. If managers are going to engage in cooperative activities they must use symbols, body languages to communicate each other or be able to monitor each other....

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