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Tourism is an industry that rely on tourism resources and tourism facilities to provide tourists travel tour. It is known as smokeless industry and sunshine industry. Travel business is composed of three parts: tourism, transportation industry and accommodation industry. They are the three pillars of tourism industry.

The tourism industry is very important for Singapore. It is one of Singapore’s economics pillar industry and contributors to the Singaporean economy. Tourism will help the Singapore government earn 10.8 billion Singapore dollars, the Singapore Tourism Board (2014) has shown that the tourism industry accounts for 4% of GDP and provide 160 thousand jobs opportunity. The developing of tourism brings related development, such as restaurant,hotel,traffic,finance,communication, insurance, retail and public service etc. On the other hand, developing primary industry and secondary industry need a lot of labor and land. In consideration of In a similar report (Department Of Statistics Singapore, 2014) it was shown that Singapore is small country that have 716 square kilometers and 5.399 million people, it lacks of the natural resources as well, so Singapore focus on the development of tertiary industry such as finance,tourism and transaction etc. Singapore government stimulates the economy development by tourism. For these reasons,tourism is a very important part of Singapore. Singapore can enhance the reputation by tourism to attract more tourists to visit Singapore and earn more money.

Economic impact analysis

The contribution of tourism activity to the economy of the region is very huge. It is generally known that tourism is labor intensive industry, development of tourism need hotels, travel agencies, transportation, postal service, electric power, shopping venues and other facilities for their services, these facilities in use need a lot of people. so tourism creates some opportunity jobs for society. Example of Singapore, tourism can provide 150 thousand opportunity jobs for the unemployed person.

Tourism will help the government to add tax revenue. The tax revenue mainly comes from three aspects. The first aspect is from the tourist’s tax, such as visa fees, airport tax, consumption tax etc. The second aspect is from business tax,income tax from the tourism enterprises and a variety of a license. The third aspect is from the individual income tax from Tourism practitioners. So if more tourists come to Singapore, the tax revenue of the government will increase as a result.

Tourism will help the company of the host country and people of the host country increase their income. Siau (2014) reported that about 15.5 million international visitors arrived Singapore and Singapore raked in a record S$23.5 billion in tourism receipts in 2013. More and more tourists come to Singapore and buy more products, so the company earns more money and the staff of the company will increase their salaries.

Tourism will help boost sales for the economy of the region. It is known that tourism is a high-spend industry. Lots of tourists come to Singapore, they must eat food, get accommodation and travel,it must boost sales of the hotel and restaurant. On the other hand, tourist can get rebate when they leave the Singapore, it increase the sales.

Demand analysis

The number or types of tourists to the area change will be affected by lots of factors. Such as price, competition, quality of...
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