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Should a proper Family be small? 

Small families or big families are better? there is a big differing's between small and big families in terms of psychological ,economic and social live , most people in our day live to one or two children's '' compared with three or more back in the early 1960 ''.(American Academy Of Paediatrics , 2009) . Parent before they got married think to have a lot of kids something nice, but after the first child the understand the difficult of having a lot of children’s    

   When a family have one child there will be a strong link between the child and the parents because the giving all them time to this. taking care of him, playing and spending time with him, same time the child will know there's someone who care about him and his feelings and asking about him ever time, sometimes this child can feel alone bored when the parents are busy with something else but he knows how to spend his time he will read a book or maybe watch TV or learning new things. ‘The parents always have to check the children's problem's '' (American Academy of Paediatrics, 2009), when the child face a problem he asks the from his parents, but the child from big families asks the help from his older brothers and he don’t go back to his parents.    

   Children's who grow up in small family the always get what they want in the best way like the best food, toys etc. on ask .com there was a question say’s: are you happy because you have small family? if you're answer is yes please say the reasons, one of the mom's answer was: ''when I see something nice in the store I always buy it for my son, and when I'm paying the money I feel happy because I don't have to buy two of them ’, children's from small families always get the best education and because the...

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