Solar Energy

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Humans should use solar energy in order to conserve environment. State whether you agree or disagree with this statement and support your opinion by referring to appropriate sources. In current society, the problem of the climate issue and of the finite nature of fossil energy sources is becoming increasingly serious. The need of renewable and clean energy becomes extremely urgent. But in the meantime, solar energy as new type energy cause people concern. In addition, whether using solar energy to protect environment that has sparked much debate. This essay will demonstrate the advantages of using solar energy to conserve environment.

First of all, in a sense, the solar energy is inexhaustible. As we know, people take advantage of the solar radiation. The Maehlum (2013) states that the sun has been burning for several billion years already, however according to NASA the Sun has another 6.5 billion years worth of fusion processes left before it shuts down. In other words, the sun life is longer than on earth. Thus humans could always utilize this kind energy compared with those of finite fossil fuel.

Secondly, there are many benefits of solar energy, the most important advantage is that solar energy is free and creates absolutely no pollution. For the normal energy like oil, it produces a lot of pollution to the earth. It not only destroys the atmosphere but also lead to the greenhouse effect. Because of solar energy, “the federal government announced a national objective to reduce emissions by 20 percent from current levels by 2020, and 65 percent by 2050” (NRC, 2010). So we can clearly see the solar contribution to the atmosphere.

In contrast, it is manifest that the solar energy is restricted by weather, time of shining, technology of saving energy etc. However the solar energy and other renewable energy recourses are not mutually exclusive. To avoid the extinction of the fossil fuel, we should take advantage mix-renewable and sustainable energy...

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