Special Kev

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Book Review
AUTHOR: Chris McKimmie
PUBLISHER: allen & unwin
PUBLISHED: August 2008
Special Kev is a fascinating children's picture book based on a trouble young boy named Kev. The book follows the story of young Kev's special life and entertains the readers by telling the journey of how he became grounded until his next birthday.

One day Kev was born. His mum planted roses and rolled out the red carpet so she called him Special Kev. He is the only one out of his eleventy million cousins who has curly red hair and freckles. When Kev's favourite cousin fatty boom bah is forced to move to the big avocado and Kev becomes lonely and has nobody to play with. However he teams up with Nicky Bathgate who wants to play Ned Kelly with a bucket and everything does down hill. He ties Nicky Bathgate to a tree and Kev hits an all time low. When his parents find out he is sent to his room until his next birthday, with no one to talk to or nothing to do but play dot to dot with his freckles.

The key ideas or themes of Special Kev may include belonging, imagination and family and could relate to young children from the age of four to eight. The children's picture is a great book with interesting morals and lets the readers relate to Special Kev and his other relatives. I strongly recommend this book to everyone interested in reading or just looking for an entertaining read as it is a hilarious yet informative story about difference and individuality.
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