Starry night

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Composition and Brushstrokes

The weeping woman portrays a woman who is in deep despair. Throughout the painting, we are able to see quite a lot of sharp edges and contrasting colours. The woman's black piercing eyes are wide-opened, her tears running down in clear drops, and she is biting a handkerchief which she grips tightly in her hands. Placed on the top of her head is a black, yellow and red hat with a blue flower on top. Her shattered image reminds us almost of a broken mirror and her distressed face enables us to see the pure emotions this lady is feeling. The painting seems resemble an expression that we refer to today as "break down."

With his unusual and expressive style, Picasso was able to express complex emotions such as grief, outrage, terror, etc. that we as viewers are able to relate to.

Throughout the painting weeping woman, there are lines and shapes that viewers eyes are instantly draw to. This is because they stand out from the rest of the painting. Almost all of the lines are thick with a heavy outline making the woman emotions very clear. The thick lines emphasise her emotions of the woman very well and almost tell the viewers that Picasso was very sure in the way he has painted this picture. The women's facial expressions are emphasised by the great contrast between the large shapes and smaller shapes. For example the hair which is outlined with thick bold, wavy lines, that instantly gives the painting texture.


In this particular painting, the colours are very bold and bright, which is strange as most people would associate dark, dull colours like greys and blacks with misery and grief, but Picasso used these certain colours for a good reason. By doing this Picasso makes us think that the woman was happy and confident right up until the moment when she received some tragic news. It was this moment that Picasso cleverly captured in his painting.


Picasso was a well-known artist that used the style cubism in his paintings. Through the use of this style Picasso studied the basic geometry of objects and the idea of seeing the same object from a number of different viewpoints at the same time.


What I love about this painting is the fact that he uses many different shapes to display the raw emotions of this weeping woman. With the use of the bright colours Picasso has mange to capture the exact moment right before the woman hears the tragic news. The only thing that I dislike in this painting is the jaw and the hand holding the handkerchief. I find it really hard to make out that they are actually hands and a jaw as the colours and lines don't quite match up.



Brush strokes

The painting "Water Lilies" by Claude Monet was painted with mainly unblended, visible brush stroke of relatively the same size. Only a couple of the many brushstrokes in this painting are thinner. This makes us come to believe that Monet used only a limited variety of brush sizes; however these brushstrokes do have varying lengths and directions of movement.


The colours portrayed in this painting convey perfectly to each element in it. The primary colours are the main colours which make up the painting but Monet has added other colours such as pink. The use of the colour blue instantly suggests that there is water in the painting and the use of the colour green makes it easier to see the difference between the water lilies and the leaves otherwise this painting would just look like water with colourful dobs of paint on the surface. He colours pink and red in the flowers, tells me that there is a pond with interesting flowers to look at and that one should not expect just one kind of them. Monet painted his own interpretation of what he saw not what many people would of expected in a painting.


In this painting, Monet portrays a large pond filled with many large clumps of colourful water...
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