Thanatopsis Essay

Topics: Life, William Cullen Bryant, Death Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: October 22, 2010
Name: Duc NguyenCourse: English
Date: Sep 22nd, 2009Teacher: Mr.Ziehm

When talks about “death”, almost people are fear of that. Because they think “death” is the end of their life. But William Cullen Bryant has another side to look at “death”. “Thanatopsis”, that means “a view of death”, it’s also the name of a poem by Bryant. This poem is one of the classics about death as it offers a peaceful view of death, comfort for the living, and no matter what a person's religious beliefs, the poem are still applicable. Talk about “death” William Bryant doesn’t think it’s painful; the death is a part of a life. If there is no death, there is no life. When someone dies, they will return to nature and they will come back to the earth because a life of a person is a circle. Nature and God are one, God caused Nature. Once again William Bryant emphasized “don’t be afraid of death”, when died, people go to the heaven where there is God. God who protect people, help people and make people happy, joyful. "Thanatopsis" also tells the reader that he/she will not go to death alone. Everyone who has ever died will already be there. Everyone who hasn't gone yet will be there eventually. Social class or age does not matter; they all share one thing, and that one thing is death. In that way, they are all equal and death becomes the great equalizer. What Bryant is trying to say here is: “Many think of death to be a bad thing,

the earth will reclaim you, and you will nourish the living. Everyone, even kings and their servants are equal in death.
Everyone will die.
Life will move on without you.
Live your life to the fullest.
Look at death optimistically.”
Same as the idea of Bryant, the bible says believers can face the death without fear. In fact, the Bible reveals very few concrete details about heaven, the afterlife and what happens when people die. God must have a good reason for keeping them wondering about the mysteries of heaven. Perhaps...
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