The Aftermath of September 11

Topics: Love, Documentary film, Film Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: December 2, 2012
"It happened, but I'm alive." Those were the words of the survivor Ling Young, who was badly burned on 9/11. “Rebirth,” directed by Jim Whitaker, is a documentary film about the journey of five individuals whose lives were crushed by the tragedy of 9/11. It was released Aug. 31, 2011 in New York. This film that has helped others understand grief and recovery, won the Peabody award in 2011. “Rebirth” captured what 9/11 was like the day after, for those who lost a loved one during the attack. It’s about the physical and emotional healing process the five went through. The years-long journey has been about moving forward, hope, and to see these stories as one of our own. In the beginning of “Rebirth”, we see interviews with the five subjects, all visibly shaken. The people are interesting. We meet Ling Young, a Chinese office worker who was badly burned at ground zero and undergoes surgery after surgery; Brian, a construction worker mourning the loss of his brother; Tanya, who lost her fiancé Sergio; Nick, was a teenager in high school at the time and lost his mother and afterward became estranged from his father; Tim, a New York City fireman who lost almost everyone he worked with. The central theme of this film is death as a part of life. The film doesn’t show anyone dying although the five characters tell the implications of losing someone one or having a near-death experience. Most of the characters discover that life continues even after the physical body is no more. The film is very organized giving that all five sit, year after year, for interviews updating their lives and their states of mind. Some are more successful than others at coming to terms with their grief and anger. The film always keeps a clear picture of each characters state of mind. The filmmaker’s purpose of this documentary is to help us understand grief and recovery from many different points of view. The filmmaker, Jim Whitaker has clearly shown each of the five...
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