The Ins and Outs of Church Shopping, Hopping, & Hunting

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Taylor Brown
Mr. McCarty
Bible Doctrine
November 26, 2012
The Ins and Outs of Church Shopping, Hopping, & Hunting
For whatever reason you don’t have a church to call home right now, the search for a new one takes time. There a lot of pros and cons you can run yourself into as you visit different churches. When searching, we as humans tend to get caught up with the material things about the church instead of the overall purpose of the Gospel. Just like a marriage, we look for someone who will love us no matter what. Society tells us differently and focuses more on the outside appearance but we all know that a person’s character and personality is important. A person’s character can be developed and improved of a committed relationship, and when so, the outcome results in a strong healthy marriage. The church can be in this way also. While we are church shopping, we shouldn’t be really picky but be open minded and realistic. We aren’t going to church to be glorified, but to glorify. That’s what it was designed for, to glorify God. In the New Testament, it proves that there is no perfect church. Jesus chose Peter, a man who denied him three times, to the lead church. Flaws and all, Jesus loved the church he founded. He refers to it as His bride. As you visit a new church, you should consider its reputation and theology. The process in finding a new church takes time, but YOU have to also maybe go out of your way and build relationships and participate in different church activities. Church shopping and hopping are necessary parts of the process in order to find the place God has called you to be. Give it time and remember to not focus on the churches outside appearance, but focus on its worship style, denomination, and leadership style.
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