The Prince

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Summary of the happy prince by Oscar wilde?

Its a beautiful story of an immortal prince ,who by his good deeds won the heart of hundreds of people in his town.he was the "happy prince",whose happiness was always dedicated for serving the needy poor people in some way or the other.but as we all know that heaven's door calls the good one first ,so prince died. but people made his statue with heavy gold stones and jewels in his loving memory. one day a swallow(a little bird)came over the town n sat down the prince's statue.the swallow was tired so he thought of taking a nap but suddenly a drop of tear from the eyes of prince woke him up n he became upset to see that and asked the prince "why are you crying?","what has happened?".the prince said"i wanted to help the poor but i couldn't because now i am dead" .the swallow was then asked to stay there for a longer period of time and as a messenger the little bird reached to every possible place n helped a lot of people and the prince happily gave all his jewels n gold stones to the swallow for helping the needy and by doing this he could wipe the tears of "the immortal prince". but after a little time the swallow also died because of the heavy snow.this was the day when something broke!and it was nothing but the "heart of the prince"!! god was seeing all these things ,so god asked the angels of heaven to bring the two most noblest things from the earth.and guess what,it was the "dead swallow" and the "lifeless heart of the prince".The two got their right positions in the paradise. this story basically brings out the importance of charity which is still prevailing in many parts of our one can learn a lot from this beautiful story and should try to become like the "happy prince"n the "little swallow" as it is rightly said that"god helps those who helps their fellow human beings"!
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