The Ultimate Gift

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For Jason Stevens, he would soon learn the true meaning of wealth and that life’s best gifts can’t be bought with money. A quote by Groucho Marx, “While money can’t buy your happiness, it certainly lets you chose your own form of misery,” shows that money can be a good thing, but can also be a very bad thing, if you have too much.

There are many advantages to having a life with a lot of money. For example, it can make you feel powerful and like you can do anything you want. Money can also give you independence. Most people feel that they can do as they please, because they have so much money. Like Jason, he always had parties in his loft, was loaning his friends thousands of dollars when they asked for it. Little did he know, that not too much longer would he be living off of his deceased fathers’ trust fund. Yes, I agree that money can make you happy and frees you up from your worries in life, but the fun can only last for so long.

On the other hand, I also disagree, that people always worry about having enough money to get by in life. I believe that only sometimes can it truly make you happy. This are also many disadvantages to having a lot of money. Like, it can become an obsession, to where you think you always need it and that it’s the way of life. For Jason, he let money control who he was and his life. When Red, his grandfather, gave him the gift of money, (he must learn to handle money wisely,) but Jason thought it was some sort of a punishment. Jason believed if you had money you could do anything you wanted, he never fully understood that the best gifts can’t be bought with money, but only with love.

At the end of the movie, when Emily dies, and they begin to build the hospital Jason had designed for children and their families like Emily, was when he truly realized that money was just money. That it couldn’t buy love or true friendships, but that love; love was The Ultimate Gift.
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