To Hell with Dying Short Summary

Topics: Death, Afterlife, Laughter Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: November 25, 2013
This story revolves around a beloved neighbor, Mr. Sweet, and the many "revivals" a neighboring family participates in to bring him back from the brink of death. The revival consists of the whole family going to visit Mr. Sweet, who lay on his deathbed. The children's father would say, "To hell with dying, man," addressing the dying Mr. Sweet, and "These children want Mr. Sweet!" The children would take those words as their cue and would crowd around Mr. Sweet and throw themselves on the bed with him. The youngest of the children would kiss Mr. Sweet all over his face and tickle him until he laughed. Mr. Sweet would then make a swift recovery and continue to live. “To Hell with Dying” by Alice Walker begins with old neighbor Mr. Sweet on his deathbed and his neighboring family gathering around him for his coming death with sad faces except the children’s father trying to put cheerful mood by saying, “To hell with dying, man.” He revives many times because during the times of his deaths, the family comes to his house most of the times and the youngest child kisses him all over until he laughs so loud. He has many good memories with the family playing guitar and with children. The youngest child loves him the most, everything about him. At last, he dies in his ninetieth year and when he dies the young girl now grown up realizes he is her first love. Mr. Sweet is tall, thin, and old that is always kind to his neighbor family, especially to children. He is always drunk, sad, and somber but when he is with these children, he feels good and plays with them.
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