traditional education ve online education

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Disadvantage and Advantage of Education Choices
Students today have so many options to enhance their education. While traditional education has advantages for the students, online education can have the same components and techniques just in a different method of teaching. Online education better prepares a colleague for their future by offering smaller student to teacher ratios and tailoring materials to the student's specific interests; however, traditional school education prepares a colleague to interact with groups of other students and learn social skills and conflict resolution, through sports or other outside activities. Each education method has advantages and disadvantages for students to choose the best education for each individual needs. The students can compare and contrast the pros and cons of each educational method to make the best choice about their education.

During the early years in the 1950’s, it was the traditional school education or the option to have no education for the students to choose for their future. This was the only option because of the lack of technology that was available to the economy to do the online education. Today we are more advanced in technology and still growing in this category. The first advantage of the traditional students had been that they were able to learn to socialize with other students. Socialization is a very important learning ability to learn in the traditional school environment that will be effective throughout life. This helps students in everyday situations when dealing with other people. Some examples would be manners, sharing, and conflict that may arise in a situation. The second advantage would be teacher student instruction. In traditional School education, there are usually 15 to 20 students to one teacher in a classroom environment. In this setting the teacher is in one central location where the students are in the classroom and can ask for help if questions arise at any...
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