Understanding teaching assistant role

Topics: Developmental psychology, Learning disability, Learning Pages: 9 (2586 words) Published: September 29, 2014
Factors that are likely to affect a child's development include:

1.family environment
2.physical/mental illness
3.social status
4.religious identity

1.Ways in which the family environment may help a child in their development is likely to include a supportive parenting network, where there is a strong family tie, both parents engaging in the child's education and where there is strong interaction between the parents and the teaching staff at school. 'The parents have to be equal balance of love and limits, a child needs to have limits, boundaries, they have to have consequences but as a parent they need to put that in place in a loving way'

However, there may be some circumstances where the family environment may be unhelpful to the child's development. This would include a family where there are no strong ties. For example, where the father has left the family home and the child is brought up by a single parent. This may affect the child as he/she may not receive as much support. This may be further complicated by drug/illicit substance misuse which would impact the child.

Support for the latter can be given by ways of adapting methods to engage the parents more with the children. This could be done through parents evenings when the parents are available, adapting to their timetable. Also, the child can be given extra support and time, through teaching assistants and/or after school clubs to help them with their difficulties.

2.children can be affected by physical and mental health issues in a range of ways ranging from obesity to schizophrenia. An example of a physical issues is Down Syndrome. This is a genetic condition that causes a degree of learning disabilities and generally presents with physical abnormality.

A cautious approach needs to be taken when assisting a child with Down Syndrome. Though Down syndrome is linked with learning disability, an individual approach should be taken rather then a universal one. This is because Down Syndrome effects children differently. Different children at different ages are effected differently and this is also connected with when the diagnosis was provided as well as what level of support has been given after the diagnosis.

Accordingly, it is important to establish at what level the child is at. This can be done through various methods including verbal,written and visual communication. Once a level has been established it is important to progress that child at their pace. Helping the child progress will also include their social interaction in and around the classroom. It is important to make them feel comfortable and for others to feel comfortable around them. This could be done through group work social interaction.

3.A child's development from a working class background is likely to be more deprived compareThere are many reasons and factors why a child is not following the expected pattern of development.d to a child of that from a middle class sector. They are unlikely to gain from external educational resources. This includes additional learning materials, structured activities and private tutoring. Having said that the deprived status as a child from a working class background can be the child's motivation to success.

Support could be provided by allowing them extra time with support staff. Further, making them and the parents aware of after school clubs that they can participate in. This is likely to help with confidence and self esteem. Also, providing information about useful resource that could be accessed through external sources such as local libraries and the internet.

4.Religion is also another factor that can effect child development, because it maybe that he/she is the only child with religious identity in the classroom. This is unlikely in the current diverse climate but is always a possibility and one that teachers need to be aware of. If this is the case, there is the possibility of the child becoming isolated,...
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