Uses of Computer in Field of Business

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Uses of Computer in Field of Business

Computer in business:
Information Technology (IT) has played a very significant role in taking business to new height. Before computers, the time taken to complete a task was more and however as computer started to be used in business establishments, the processing of work got more stabilized. Some of its uses in the field of business are given below: Keeping records:

Computer programs such as QuickBooks and other accounting programs to allow business to keep detailed records. These programs track accounts payable, accounts receivable and sales. They also provide a easy and quick way for a business to send invoices to customers and handle payroll functions. Back office productivity and accuracy can increase greatly when using an accounting program. Budgeting and Forecasting :

Computers can be used to prepare budgets and corporate forecasts, inexpensive accounting programs allow even people with limited computer knowledge to develop detailed budgets that will help to keep the company on track. They can also be used to forecasts future sales and business expansions. Spreadsheet program such as excel can also be used for budgeting and forecasting. Inventory Control and Management:

Inventory control and management Is a crucial process , especially in establishments related to retail and production, such as details of good, goods coming in distribution of stock and storage details. Preparing Marketing Documents:

There are wide varieties of programs that allow businesses to easily prepare dynamic marketing documents. Word for documentation, Spreadsheets for storing large data, Adobe Photoshop provides eye catching customs. E- Commerce:

E commerce(electronic commerce) describes the buying, selling and exchanging of products services and information via computer networks there are many applications of e commerce such as: Electronic mail:

A service of transporting text messages, videos and audios from one computer to another via internet. Electronic shopping:
it allows businesses and internet users to buy goods and services at home, form work and from anywhere in the world. Electronic banking:
it helps businesses for transmission of cash from home or on the road using online banking instead of physical bank location

The business can use the internet to search its competitors, products and prices by studying their websites. they can also get glimpse on how costumers view their own products by reading their costumer reviews on different websites. Communication:

Communication is key when gaining and maintaining clients and other important contacts. Computers give businesses access to email, instant messaging and custom customer contact systems. Computerized phone systems allow for automated support during off hours and a virtual operator can quickly direct callers to the correct department for faster support.

Marketing :
Computers allow businesses to create websites, stunning ads and complete marketing campaigns. Marketing videos can be edited and custom ads created in-house with the use of specialized software. Businesses can completely develop and manage websites with their own servers or connect remotely to a third-party business to upload their latest content such as articles, product images and blog posts.

Instead of filing cabinets, businesses are able to store millions of files using computers and servers. Data can be stored centrally for easy access from multiple computers or stored locally for individual use. Computerized storage saves space and provides a far more efficient organization strategy. With encryption, passwords and replace keys, data remains secure.

Social issues with the use of computer
Computer technology has made several important impacts on our society. Today computer is playing very important role...
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