Value on Human Life

Topics: Meaning of life, Death, Human Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: November 8, 2012
Markosian Mathew
Period 1
Essay 6

How do you think our society should assign a value to the human life? I pondered about this topic for well over an hour before I came to a conclusion of my viewpoint. Life, the existence on our planet as we know it, how is it possible to put a precise value on it. God forbid if you die tonight and never wake to see the next morning how would one put a value on life deeper than just memories. Would the value be in purely on your achievements? Or how great of a personality you had? Maybe even in the value of dollars and cents. Every human values life in a slightly different way many may be similar but no one is the same that’s why our values are different. Life is a precious thing and people protect it with all they have. I would probably question why people have to pass away. We come into this world and live than die in a relatively short amount of time. People might question why do we have to die? For example in the Gilgamesh Epic, Gilgamesh a man who has recently suffered a friend’s death questions why humans have to die. It’s a great question and Gilgamesh goes through a great deal trouble to answer this everlasting question. People can’t cope with death. They can’t believe that the person they once saw everyday or maybe even just walked by them in a school hall, that they will never see them again. Non-existence from something that was very much alive not to long ago and still in our minds’. For instance Lance Armstrong, a world-class cyclist and a multi Tour de France winner was on top of the world until age 25 when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I don’t know about you but a athlete is not the first person I picture when I hear the word cancer. Sadly death favors no man, its preys on whom ever it wants. That’s why when the cyclist Lance Armstrong got the terrible news he fought through it and defeated it even though the odds were against him. And he got...
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