Verbal Communication

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Verbal Communication Paper

CJA 304

Mark A. Stuart

November 22nd 2010

Heather Arambarri

University of Phoenix

Verbal communication and nonverbal communication can have both a negative and positive effect on communication within law enforcement officers making public announcement to the press. Law enforcement academies do not teach techniques of communication to officers going through training even with the prominence of communication in everyday functions. Police officers are held at a higher standard than ordinary citizens but are still humans and have the same problems like ordinary citizens. The transfer of an idea from one location to another can be a challenging task for an officer especially if he or she have to speak in a public setting.

Verbal communication is beneficial to both the sender and receiver it is essentially a mental exercise and law enforcement officers must master this form of communication (Wallace, H. & Roberson, C 2009). In public announcement to the press language barriers can have a negative effect on the police officer speech. Saying the wrong words can confuse the media who will misinterpret the meaning to be something other than what the officer meant. A police officer speech must be clear, concise, and when speaking in public he or she must be prepared to communicate on a variety of levels. Using the correct vocabulary and referring to specifics when communicating with the public will save the officer from embarrassment within the department and the public.

Nonverbal communication can effect communication in the public announcement to the press by law enforcement officers. Because the details of nonverbal communication can reveal who the police officer is making the announcement from his or her handshake to hairstyle, and the impact him or her speech will have on the public. The way a police officer facial expression appears to the public will speak louder than his verbal communication. If the officer is happy, sad, or angry the public will show a reaction this will cause a barrier between the officer sending the message accurately, and the media receiving that message effectively.

Body language and posture can also display significant information about an officer making a public announcement. For example, arm crossing and leg crossing can be viewed as a defensive posture to the media and will open concerns and questions about the legitimacy of the officers speech. These nonverbal communication can display feelings and attitudes within the law enforcement officer. Moreover, the officers choice of color, clothing, and hairstyle him or her wears when making a public speech can alter judgment, interpretation, and physiological reaction. The rate of eye blinking can be a tell sign of how much the officer is interested in what him or her is saying.

The court system rely heavily on the communication skills of and the communication between the various participants. Testifying in court can present special communication challenges someone not trained can be under tremendous pressure and stress. The success of verbal communication skill will determine the outcome and will influence the amount and quality of information that is convey in the courtroom. Verbal communication in testifying can have significant impact during a case because the defense attorney will have every detail well organize to challenge the person testimony. The communication between the judge and the person testifying will mainly involve verbal communication and the manner in which those words are convey is significant because the witness testimony have to be comprehensive to all court participants. Verbal communication can either be general, specialized, formal or informal but the way it is convey will make it better for the person testifying. Nonverbal communication can affect communication in court testifying because it can be more significant than verbal communication in court testifying. Nonverbal...
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