We learn the most from the people closest to us.

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Target Market Assignment

1b) Stock name: iPhone 5s


Explanation: The newest product iPhone 5S is a touchscreen-based smartphone developed by Apple Inc. They have three colors: black, white and champagne. The 5S is supplied with iOS 7, the seventh version of Apple's iOS mobile operating system. New features in iOS 7 include Control Center, AirDrop, iTunes Radio. I think iPhone 5S is suitable for the graduates. First, they have a high income, they have the ability afford for iPhone 5S. Then, the iPhone 5S have the newest iOS 7 system, this system is faster than the Android system. It's convenient and easy for the Business men, lawyer or doctor use. The last reason is iPhone 5S have a beautiful surface; it attracts people and make people want to buy it.

c) 1) Business man, lawyer and doctors may be interested in news. I think they may like to watch the world famous news program. They are many important and the newest news happened in the world. So the advertisement of the iPhone 5S and be put before or during the news time so that those people can know the information about 5S.

2) The comedies are also good for those people. Like 《 Mr. Bean 》, I think he is well known and people love the stories about him that his a funny and lovely guy. There may be huge stress from the work bring to these people, so the comedies can reduce the stress from the work. Also, apple Inc. can advertise the iPhone 5S during the advertising time. So they can see iPhone 5S.

2. Shoe- Aldo

Stock name: ALDO



ALDO is a fashionable shoes brand and it fits the request for this business man. The style is simple but fashion, they are good-looking and the price is not expensive. They are all around $110 this business man can afford it, his income is high enough. I choose the one of Dress Loafers and two of Dress Lace-Ups. They are all good for business man to wear.

2c)The business man is interested in fashion, so he may be happy to...
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