what happens after death year 9

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What happens after death?
My current opinion
At this point in time, I think that when you die, the body decomposes and rots away along with the brain, thoughts, experiences ect… At the point of death, energy leaves your body which previously granted you consciousness and the ability to carry out the life processes. This is the soul, when the soul exits the body; it is judged by the ‘higher power’ and then either sent to heaven or sent back to Earth as a punishment. It takes on another body generally wiped of its previous brain, thoughts, and experiences – a fresh start. This allows you to start again in a horrible world which we are continuing to destroy with pollution, wars and killing whole species of animal. This is like an initiation test to see if you are worthy of the afterlife and ready to proceed into heaven if not, the cycle restarts… The less karma collected over the span of your life then the more chance of passing the ‘test’. Introduction

Throughout this essay I will be explaining, contradicting and supporting many points which are raised with the question of ‘what happens after death?’ I will begin to recognize the possibilities and impossibilities of religious, scientific and even my own differentiating perhaps controversial opinion. In the course of this writing, my views on afterlife, death and whether or not a soul exists will change and be influenced by the theories of others. From what we have discovered and learnt in philosophy lessons I have developed the idea that thoughts of this question fit into three main categories which are: Heaven and hell/God –The proposal of heaven and hell claims that when you die, you continue in your afterlife to venture on to one or the other. This depends on how good you were as a person. Bad = Hell, good = heaven. Scientific – This is more of a backed up and (in my opinion) more feasible suggestion which basically just states that you die inside as well as out. By this, I mean that you don’t live on with a soul or endeavor into a land decided on your actions and decisions. Your body simply rots and the majority just biodegrades. Reincarnation – This is generally the Hindu belief in that when you die, you rejoin this world as a different being which is either ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than your previous body. This new figure is chosen on the amount of karma you previously possessed. Karma is collected on how many good or bad decisions or actions are made. Definitions

The afterlife – simply ‘life after death’ or ‘later life’ referring to you ‘living on’ End – the action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism. The soul – a spiritual immaterial/non-physical part of a living thing which is immortal and dwells in a body. God – supposedly the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the Supreme... The contradiction – if death is the end to life, then how can life be extended if end claims it’s a finish...?

Heaven and hell view point
How does the afterlife tie in? The initial idea is that you die and go to either heaven or hell. How does the end tie in? In the heaven and hell view, they have the opinion of the soul having no end due to it being immortalised (never end/die). How does the soul tie in? The soul is the immortality in which leaves the body and proceeds to heaven or hell. How does God tie in? God the ‘supreme being’ is the co-ordinator of heaven alternatively the devil is empowered in hell. Viewpoints brought up in discussion

My soul is held within my body and at death it escapes. Near death experiences and mediums who claim contact with the dead suggest that there might be a spiritual aspect to us that survives death. Analysis: This statement despite the controversy cannot be ignored due to many people having an ‘outer-body experience’ all of which similar and undeniably possible. The vision which they have is always interrupted however when the ordeal is over and death is avoided. This is...
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