the words i would say

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JULY 17, 2014


NAME: The Words I would Say by The Sidewalk Prophets

WHY: Three years ago I was in a really dark place in life and began to shut out a lot of amazing people that cared about me. One of those amazing people was my best friend Taylor. It was during these times that Taylor and I had began to fight and slowly drift apart. We drifted so far apart that I didn't even know she moved to California till 3 weeks after the fact. For the next year or so we hardly talked, maybe a text here and there but nothing to hearty. It wasn't until one month I randomly get a text from her saying that She loved me and that I should listen to this song and so I did. Ever since then, anytime I'm having a bad day or feel my self drifting down the wrong path I turn on this song and it redirects me and gives me a breath of fresh air.


Three in the morning, and I'm still awake

So I picked up a pen and a page

And I started writing just what I'd say, If we were face to face

I'd tell you just what you mean to me

Tell you these simple truths

Be strong in the LORD and never give up hope

You're gonna do great things I already know

God's got His hand on You So don't live life in fear

Forgive and forget but don't forget why you're here

Take your time and pray

These are the words I would say

Last time we spoke you said you were hurting

And I felt your pain in my heart

I want to tell you that I keep on praying

That love will find you where you are

I know cause I've already been there

So please hear these simple truths


These lyrics have not only changed my life but possibly saved my life as well. I like to think this song would be greatly beneficial for others to hear for it's a simple reminder to stay strong in your faith, to forgive and forget, and that some day you are going to do great things. So tonight I encourage everyone in there free time to go online...
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